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Unlike precious stones and fine metals, personal glass adornment falls within a price range that makes it affordable to most people.  The variety of colors, textures and designs can be surprising, and the work is always delightful.

Linda Steider’s beautiful jewelry and buttons aren’t the most elaborate work she does, but they are fiery baubles of accessible art made to wear.

This talented artist also makes home accessories and fine art decorative pieces.  Some of her work uses recycled materials.  One particularly popular and practical item is a cheese tray made from a wine bottle.

Steider’s work reflects her careful attention to detail and inspired sense of color.  The unique landscape of the Columbia River Gorge, her exposure to the Yakima Tribe, and the glitz of Hollywood have all influenced her art.  She teaches and lectures throughout the U.S. and was instrumental in founding the Gorge Chapter of the Oregon Glass Guild.

More of Steider’s work can be found on her website and in entries on her blog.

“Linda Steider is a studio artist working primarily with kilnformed glass.  After twenty years of textiles and pastels, Steider transitioned to glass in 1997.  Her broad range of experience and skills brings a rare perspective to the world of glass.  Steider’s award winning work (both in fiber and glass) has been shown nationally and internationally.  Her pieces are included in private collections across North America, Europe, and Japan.” (Steider Studios)

Pub: Mar 8, 09

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