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Fall migration is a good time to go out and scout for birds in the Columbia River Gorge.  Our local group of ‘Bird Nerds’ had a wonderful time walking one section of The Dalles waterfront on Sunday.

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After a wonderful breakfast at La Petite Provence in The Dalles our first encounter was a Great Blue Heron that saw us before we saw him.  He flew out of the cove and onto a diving platform in the Columbia River.

Brewer's Blackbird at The Dalles waterfront. Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15-3

While standing in that cove we also saw a Brewer’s Blackbird and his mate…

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…and at least one Killdeer as well as several ducks … possibly Mallards … possibly females …. definitely brown.

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It was thrilling to watch a trio of terns fishing from the next cove.

Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15-7

They also made use of the diving platform that the heron had abandoned.

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We saw many smaller birds flying overhead ~ I managed to capture this one, a Scrub Jay.

Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15-9

As we walked into the next section I caught a Raven taking a break in the sun.

Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15-10

We spotted a Western Grebe swimming in the distance.

Steider Studios.Osprey in Flight.9.13.15

A couple of Ospreys hunted from overhead.

Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15-14We saw many sweet little American Goldfinches in trees and in flight.  Lucky for me one landed on a close branch.

Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15-12I caught a Cormorant in flight as we continued our easterly walk along the shoreline.

Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15-13

A rack of American Coots drifted in the Columbia River….

Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15-15

….and more ducks flying overhead that we couldn’t identify…

Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15-16

…and some in flight that brought discussion ~ is it a crow or a raven and the characteristics to look for.

Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15-17

The surrounding bushes were filled with delightful song, but alas we couldn’t see the choir.

Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15-18

We saw plenty of gulls, most were white but some were brown.  Without an expert along we just enjoyed the sightings and hoped we’d figure out who was who later.

Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15-20

My highlight of the day was a Great Egret who gracefully flew directly in front of us.

Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15-21

This bird is simply stunning.  It felt so magical to watch that I almost forgot to lift my camera!

Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15-22

Heading back to the parking lot a flock of Cedar Waxwings landed in a tree ahead of us.

Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15

A friend said to watch for a Red-necked Grebe, but I didn’t see one.  I believe this is a Pied-billed Grebe.  Check out the tiny fish jumping out of the water all around him!!!

Steider Studios.Bird Walk.TD Waterfront.9.13.15-23

Returning to our starting point the ducks were gone but a lone Domestic Goose brunched his way across the pond.  Those of us who met on Sunday consider ourselves novices, but we did ok locating and identifying most of what we saw.  Most being the operative word, we also saw plenty of LBBs (little brown birds), Peeps, Gulls and Waterfowl.

Steider Studios.Big-horn Sheep Fight.9.13.15

Afterwards I took a Sunday Drive and found Bighorn Sheep east of the John Day River.

Steider Studios.Fire from Cellilo.9.13.15

Returning home the region filled with smoke from yet another wildfire.  This shot is from the Westbound Cellilo exit on 84.  It was the first point I could see brown mixed with the white smoke, giving me an idea of where the fire was, east of Horsethief Lake.

Steider Studios.Fire East of Horsethief.9.13.15

This shot of the Horsethief Fire in the Columbia River Gorge was taken from directly across the Columbia River and digitally enhanced to see through the smoke.  Sounds like it is close to controlled as of this post according to the Goldendale Sentinel.

If any of my birding friends have corrections for me, they are always welcome!!




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