My bracelets are fun, funky, chunky sections of art glass with an elastic flexible “one size fits all” connection. They’re easy to slip on and comfortable to wear. A post from a few years ago explains how I made them.

Warm colors….

Cool colors…  Note, the turquoise and lavender, top row, center left has a new home.

Last of the blues plus patterned dichroic…. Note the butterfly bracelet on bottom row, right has a new home, but the inner 2nd from right is available.

Collection of browns…..

Last group are earth colors: a couple more browns, gray, and black with 22k gold patterns drawn & fired in.

Regularly $50, your twenty percent off brings them down to $40 each.  You get the bracelet, I get funding for my Norway travel, we all win!  With the exception of those at Artisan’s Jewelry & Gallery in White Salmon this page is all I have left.

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