Dave Winship of Glass Craft Inc and I have chatted about using Steider Studios Glass Medium with recycled powdered borosilicate glass since I first introduced this medium three years ago.  We’ve run many experiments, culminating in a recent batch of shells that Dave made and sent out to boro lampworkers to further embellish.  The shell above is embellished by Beau Tsai, an amazing artist.

The borosilicate glass shells were made by Dave Winship using Steider Studios Glass Medium, frozen in candy molds then fired at low temperatures.  The piece above was further embellished by Jennifer Umphress, another incredible artist.

“The consensus is that getting the virgin material to lamp onto the freeze & fuse matrix is tricky, but nonetheless possible.”   Photo above is Mike Shelbo’s enhanced version of Dave’s shell.

Imaginative photo above is by John Spencer of Blackey Glassworx.

The temperatures Dave used for boro freeze & fuse shells was in the 1500f to 1600f range, soaking for up to 30 minutes.  Dave advises “Of course the various process temperature and soak times lead to differences in shrinkage and loss of detail – but those are the general profiles folks can experiment with.”

Photo above is Little B’s enhanced version of Dave Winship’s shell form using borosilicate glass and Steider Studios Glass Medium.

Dave has worked for years with Bob Kirby, a very knowledgeable engineer to commodify the recycling of boro. “Bob’s YouTube channel is pure gold”

If you’re unfamiliar with Steider Studios Glass Medium, I use it with soft glass powder to make a paste that I can sculpt, make paste pattern bars; and press into candy molds for freeze and fuse.  As you can see in the photos above its adaptable to borosilicate glass powder as well.

Here are a couple tutorials I’ve written about  using it with soft glass:  Glass Clay, a Step by Step Tutorial using Steider Studios Glass Medium and Using Steider Studios Glass Medium in Candy Molds

Effective 4.1.15 this part of my business is for sale.  I have just sold the last of SSGM and will not be re-ordering supplies to continue selling it.  If I find a buyer I will re-direct all links to the new owner so that my hard work doesn’t fade away.  Thank you so much for supporting my efforts all these years.

Purchase boro powder from Dave Winship of Glass Craft Inc.

A Special Anniversary

June 20, 2011

On June 25th it’ll be one year since I released  Steider Studios Glass Medium™!

Steider Studios Glass Medium™

I’ve sold countless jars all around the world and every day there are several Google searches for it, so I know word is getting out.  Several distributors have samples for testing and if there’s a store near you please ask them to carry it.

I want to showcase the amazing things other artists are doing with it.  If you are using it and are willing to share photos of what you’ve done, I’d love to share your work in a post every now and then.

Without further ado, I present Sandy Dukeshire, of Sandy’s Glass Shack in Massachusetts, whose work I adore:

Sandy Dukeshire: Blown Rose Vase

“Roses and leaves made with SSGM and applied to blown vase. This is so much fun being able to make such detailed pieces for blown work.”

Sandy Dukeshire: Blown 'Crazy' Vase

“This was just a crazy thing! It was a great project to get me through the learning process.”

Sandy Dukeshire: Blown Calla Lily Vase

“Calla Lillys fired and applied to blown vase. They were very cooperative to work with and handle well.”

Sandy Dukeshire: Hand Blown Cake

“Each flower takes about an hour to make. Heartbreaking when things go wrong….but boy-o-boy, lessons learned the hard way are never forgotten!!”

Sandy Dukeshire: Blown Purple Fantasy Flower Vase

“This purple vase has a flower and leaves made with SSGM. Colors are layered into bar form then sliced to reveal interior pattern.”

Sandy Dukeshire's Bug Flower Pods

“I made this vase with attached ‘buds’ and ‘flower’ made with SSGM. My friend mica was added for sparkle.”


Isn’t her work fabulous?

What are you doing with Steider Studios Glass Medium™?  I’d love to feature you in a future post, including links to your sites. Yes all your sites, I’ll promote you with wild abandon! xoxo

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