Taking off

I am amazed at how busy this season has started out!  I’ll tell you about that in a minute, but first I want to talk about my play date.   I love big birds and when I see one (anywhere, anytime) I pull over, grab my always-close-at-hand-camera and take as many photos as the bird allows.  Mind you, this is a point and shoot camera…a good one, but nonetheless not one that can really capture a great shot unless the bird happens to be very close.  My friend Charlene feels the same way about stopping to photograph birds … or anything else for that matter, so I promised her a play date for her birthday.  She has a great camera with a telephoto lens, and I can hardly wait to see her photos.  I’ll share them with you by editing those she sends into the bottom of this post.

Through the branches, we could see 5 eagles

We found a great spot close to the Columbia River, but off the beaten path where a dozen or so eagles were soaring and circling a food source.  It was cold but clear and the thrill of watching and trying to photograph them made us forget about everything else.  In a way it was frustrating trying to get my little camera to do something it wasn’t made to do, so rather than fight it, I decided to enjoy the ride and shot what I could.

Landing strip

As you can see, this shot is blurry, but it was incredible to watch these large birds, symbols of freedom, land one after the other onto this tall, narrow snag.

Woolly Bear

As we left, I found something my camera was very good at photographing, a Woolly Bear!

The Dalles Dam

And a petty landscape.  We stopped for lunch at The Bistro, inside Waters Edge Health and Fitness Center where we happened to meet the director, who graciously showed us around.  It’s a wonderful facility including a spa, conference center, excercise room and so much more.

Back in the studio I have way too many projects going on.  Several private commissions, a couple of public and educational proposals just finished up and sent out, as well as gearing up for a busy ‘show’ season.

If you’re in the Hood River area, please stop into Good News Gardening during the month of March where Charlene Fort and I are sharing a wall to display our glass. I’ll have butterflies, fairies, ladybugs and wallpockets. What more could you want for the garden or to hold your garden’s treasures?  Have a bite to eat with friends at the cafe.  Oh, and they have plants too!

The end of March you’ll find me heading to Las Vegas for the big Glass Craft and Bead Expo.  I know I’ll see many of you there – be sure to say ‘hi’ when you see me!  You’re welcome to stop into my classroom in the late afternoon when we’re finishing up from our day’s work.  Better yet, sign up for a class!

The Pines Tasting Room in Hood River will be hosting a show in which all participating artists from the Gorge Artists Open Studios tour are featured.  You can stop in during the First Friday opening on April 1st, or anytime during the month of April to see an example of the studio tour artist’s work.  Taste some fabulous wine while you’re there!

Bite of the Gorge” takes place on April 9th, a feast of a fundraiser for Columbia Gorge Arts in Education.  Most artists paint a ceramic plate for the event, but I’ve been donating glass plates.  I’m better at glass than I am at painting ceramic and I want them to have my best.  Taste and silently bid on art.  Fun!

April closes with the huge Oregon Glass Guild “Glass Gallery” in Portland.  April 29 through May 1st.   There’s more….too much more, so for now, I’ll go back to creating glass to fill all my upcoming events.

Don’t forget, when Charlene sends her eagle photos, I’ll post them here.

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From "Taking the Scenic Route" in January 2010

I’m sorry to see 2010 pass because it was a very good year for me!

The highlights were having my work accepted into the Museum of Glass Store in Tacoma and the Glass Art Festival in Sequim in addition to the usual art shows, galleries and shops where I sell my work.  I managed to get two on-line stores up and running at Artfire and Zibbet when 1000 Markets closed.  And I’m still very thankful for Tom Herrera of Prairie Star Designs pulling me into his project for Maryhill Museum – it led me to many more opportunities.

Steider Studios Glass Inserts for Maryhill Museum Windy Walk Fence ©2010

Teaching is always a pleasure for me.  My classes this year included Aquila Glass SchoolThe Dalles Art CenterHalf Moon CreekMaryhill Museum, Machine Embroiderers of Oregon and WashingtonGlass Craft and Bead Expo, and GlassHopper Patterns.   My Arts in Education project this year was with Henkle Middle School, making glass tiles for their skylight; and I had several delightful private students throughout the year.

Last day of Powderology at Half Moon Creek in Palmer Alaska.

I think my biggest accomplishment was fulfulling a 12 year study and search for the perfect glass medium with my launch of Steider Studios Glass Medium™.  It’s a thickening agent to use with glass powders to make your own sculpting and modeling paste or clay, liquid lines, freezing in candy molds and more.

Steider Studios Glass Medium™

Maybe now I can get back to that book I’ve been working on for too many years!

And just for fun, I’m nearing 500 ‘likes’ on my Facebook Business Page.  Won’t you go there and like me too?  If you have a business page, please post it there so I can ‘like’ you back!!

Thank you for spending your time with me & following my adventures.  If not for you, there’d be no reason for me to write.  I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011!!



Cobalt for Christmas?

December 22, 2009

Or just reliving my Studio Sale in cobalt colors!  Seriously, this is a post for an old friend, who wanted to see COBALT. (You know who you are, Gil!) Looks like I’m way low on cobalt at the moment, but here is what I have on hand….  The detail shot above is current work done with powdered glass on sheet substrate.  Most have 22k gold designs drawn & fired into the glass.  Gorgeous pieces for home decor, don’t you think?!

I love these festive candleholders and make them in many color combinations.  I usually adorn them with botanical designs, my favorites being lavender & lilacs.  Most of my custom orders have been themes based on the client’s home decor.

I’m very low on handkerchief vases at the moment.  Those I have in cobalt are the two on the right and the very dark blue (back, left) with red accents.

This shot makes the blue vase appear almost black, but it’s a gorgeous cobalt iridescent glass

Here it is in front of a window with bright light.

And here’s the cobalt vase with white accents as viewed in front of the same window.

A set of cobalt wall pockets.  Please forgive the white price stickers, I shot these on the fly just before my studio sale opened!  The left pocket is a botanical design and the others are all from my ‘I’d give you the stars and moon’ series.  The moon is hand cut silver dichroic glass and the stars are all the scraps I made while trying to cut perfect moons.  By the way, if you’d rather learn to make you own wall pockets, come take my class (Build a Better Pocket) at the Las Vegas Glass Craft & Bead Expo in April!!

Not so cobalt but I love these pieces so included them for your viewing pleasure!

Lastly the same shot from the beginning of this post uncropped.  Cobalt is included in a couple of the pieces here because I like a contrast of lights and darks.  My current favorite for home decor is the turquoise and purple combination with gold, but it’s a bit tricky to work with.

Merry Christmas to all!  Hope your holidays are filled with light, love and laughter!!

Happenings of late….

August 27, 2009

Glass Clay, Pate de Verre

Glass Clay, Pate de Verre

You might wonder what I’ve been so busy with that kept me from posting for the last couple of weeks.  Welllll, I’ve been compiling my fall class schedule and you can see all the new additions on my Upcoming Classes page!

A surprise venue thanks to a VERY interested potential student, Joyce, will be held at the studio of GlassHopper Patterns in Portland, OR.  I usually only see Georgia at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas, even though she’s just downriver from me.  Georgia is a joy to be with so I know this class will hold unlimited fun for all and look forward to teaching there!  If you’re interested in having fun with ‘Glass Clay’, join us!

I’ve also been gathering work for an upcoming show in September at the The Golden Art Gallery in Goldendale Washington!  It’s a show of Oregon Glass Guild members, and the gallery is a delightful spot to showcase glass, with great lighting and visual space.  I’ll edit this post when I know more details for  an opening reception date and time.  The show runs through the month of September.

Working with local metal sculptor Tom Herrera, I’ve been producing glass inserts for a few of his sculptures.  I will post photos here as soon as he retrieves them from his camera.  He likes what I’ve come up with to fit his criteria and I like his sculptures, so this could be the beginning of many more.

I’ve written a magazine article for Glass Craftsman which will be in their next issue if all goes well.  It’s about the way I make color charts for referencing various thicknesses of powdered glass.  The editor, Judith Conway of Vitrum Studio is fabulous to work with and makes my words flow!

Last but certainly not least, I’ve been filling orders here and there, always grateful for that steady ‘bread & butter’ that keeps an artist’s head above water!  A hearty thank you to those who buy original artwork for gifts, home & garden decor, and personal adornment.  Also thanks to the artists who buy tools and supplies from me.  I appreciate you choosing me as your source for mica, liquid gold, tools and glass!

Next I’ll be working on adding jewelry to my on-line shop!


Greens of Summer

Shades of Summer

My students this year were incredible.  Creatives one and all with ideas flowing throughout my week in Las Vegas.  I return home exhausted, drained… yet filled with enthusiasm and more ideas than I can produce in a year’s time.  Ideas garnered from the trade show, the desert landscape surrounding Las Vegas, and of course the students who always inspire me.  

Today I return to the studio after a couple days to catch up & rest up.  I’ll be preparing for upcoming shows, sales, and a bit of experimental work that I’m very excited about.  

I leave you with this piece from the Celestial Series, inspired by the deep, rich colors found in my summer shade garden.  The  bowl is 16″ in diameter and 2″ deep, shaped via drop ring; with 22k gold trees drawn atop & fired in.


March 29, 2009


Rainbow in the Gorge

Rainbow in the Gorge

While waiting for my flight to the Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas, I thought I’d catch up with blogging.  Amidst all the packing, preparing, ordering tools & supplies as well as getting my house in order prior to my departure I’ve not produced any new work.  So let me share this with you:  I looked up from the computer a couple days ago to see a rainbow!  Not just any rainbow, but the kind where you can see both ends!  Not in one photo with my camera, or should I say my camera skills, so here are a couple showing the west end and the east end of the rainbow…..

East end of rainbowWest end of rainbow






The storm was coming in, and as I shot these the rainbow became less and less.  Then the sun disappeared, the rains came & all was back to a normal NW spring storm.  




Sky at Dusk

March 22, 2009


Summer Sky

Summer Sky

The dark blue sky at dusk with red undertones was the inspiration for this piece.  It sold right away and I meant to get back to this series to make more variations on the theme.

Using powdered glass in cobalt blues with a ring of red just inside the lip, I drew large spirals into the powder blending the colors.  By now, you know the spiral appears in a lot of my work.  The golden trees are hand drawn, representing my surroundings.  Living in the Columbia River Gorge, there is much to be inspired by.   I think I’ll get back to this series right after the Glass Craft & Bead Expo.  

For now, I’m still acquiring and packing up supplies for my students at the Expo, so please forgive the lack of daily posts.  I’m excited, as always to be going back to Las Vegas & meeting new students each day.  I hope I can inspire them to work with powdered glass in new ways.

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