Steider Studios.PeaCock in BackYard.12.26.13

I’m thrilled to find a trio of these big birds in my back yard.  They’ve been in my area for at least a year but are regularly seen with a flock of turkeys.

Steider Studios.PeaHen Duo.12.26.13

Yesterday two peahens and a peacock were in my back yard most of the afternoon.  They were scratching the ground and preening in the sun.

Steider Studios.PeaHen.Vertical.12.26.13

I crept up to them oh so slowly and quietly until I was about five feet away.

Steider Studios.Peacock.BackYard.12.26.13

Maybe they thought I was a turkey, or better yet one of them.  Although they eyed me suspiciously, they did not seem disturbed by my presence.

Steider Studios.Peahen in Backyard 12.26.13

They’re back this morning, hanging out near our chicken coop.

Steider Studios.PeaHen.12.26.13

Our chickens are now eyeing them with suspicion, but so far the only one distressed is our dog.  She is simply warning us of trespassers – not chasing them at all, simply barking to let us know of their presence.

Steider Studios.Peacock.12.26.13

They’re so pretty and colorful.  And they keep snakes away.  Can we keep them?  Please??!!!

Maryhill Museum threw a great party last night for the opening of their 70th season!

This is the epilogue of my fence project, but not the last of Maryhill for me.  With their focus on glass this year, I’ve been invited to participate in a tour of glass studios.  My studio is too tiny to fit a busload of people, but my friend Terri has offered her studio and we are already working on some great plans for those taking the tour.  More about that in a future post.

The bronze plaque, now in place, is a beautifully crafted testament to all involved in this project.  I am so grateful to the donors and sponsors, who made this opportunity possible.  David and Roseangela Capobianco, the Arthur G. Dunn Guild of Seattle, Cannon Power Group, Gunkel Construction, and of course, Tom Herrera for including my glass!

I can’t wait to see the William Morris exhibit this summer, and Tacoma’s Museum of Glass is bringing it’s mobile hot shop in June.  Not to mention the spotlight on local glass artists with the Oregon Glass Guild at Maryhill’s Arts Festival in August.

In addition to the incredible art and fascinating history this great museum holds, the surrounding views of the Columbia River are incredible.

The grounds at Maryhill host a plethora of peacocks that you can’t help falling in love with.

I’ve tried capturing them with my camera, with pastels, fiber and glass……

None of my renditions reflect their iridescence, personalities or regality as the birds themselves.  The perfect feathered friends of Maryhill.

Join me at these events and more at Maryhill Museum.  There’s a nominal admission fee or better yet, become a member.

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