Glass Gallery '09

Glass Gallery '09

Next weekend is the 9th Annual – Oregon Glass Guild – Glass Gallery – at the Portland Convention Center.  I’ve been working hard, producing new work for this event where 50 plus glass artists join six other guilds to present an exhibition and sale.  If you’re a collector it’s a feast for the eyes, gifts galore, and new decor for sprucing up your abode.  If you’re a working artist or hobbyist we’ll also have select suppliers on hand and demonstrations just for you. 

Visit my booth & tell me you follow my blog to receive a special token of my affection.  While in my booth, please feel free to purchase home decor, personal adornment, gifts for Mother’s Day, upcoming birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.  Does there have to be a reason to gift a loved one?  Of course not – ‘Just Because’ is reason enough.  And don’t forget to treat yourself!  I accept Visa, MC, checks and cash.  Ask for my Blog Follower Discount!! 

I’ll have new pendants, earrings and bracelets.  New work from my Celestial Series.  With only a week left to produce, I hope to have new boxes, wall pockets, and some hand cast miniatures.  Waiting for the kilns to cool off before I’ll know if my newest concepts worked out or not!  Let me know that you’re planning to attend!!

Wearable Art

February 20, 2009


‘Wearable Art’, ‘Personal Adornment’, whatever we choose to call it, ‘Glass Jewelry’ is FUN to wear!  Bright, vibrant, it has weight and feels good against our skin.  Bracelets, pendants, earrings, barrettes and ponytail holders come in sets or as individual pieces.

I get so many compliments when wearing it.  Try it, you’ll like it!

100 Tears

February 15, 2009


This piece was made for a specific competition, but wasn’t selected.  It speaks to my childhood memories and overcoming obstacles.  I entered it in another show in Las Vegas, where it was well received.  Afterwards, while loading luggage into the car to go home, my large suitcase fell over on the cement parking lot.  Wouldn’t you know this bowl was sitting on top!  Yes, it broke.  I was heartsick to say the least.  My parents, who were my ‘taxi’, were so grief stricken about it that I had to pretend I was over it to help them get over it.  As we drove to the airport, I happily chatted in the back seat about how I was going to turn this piece into 100 pendants.  100 tears for 100 pendants.  By the time we got to the airport, I WAS over it & excitedly planning those pendants.  I’m not close to the 100 mark yet, but still work on it as I have time.


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