Sky at Dusk

March 22, 2009


Summer Sky

Summer Sky

The dark blue sky at dusk with red undertones was the inspiration for this piece.  It sold right away and I meant to get back to this series to make more variations on the theme.

Using powdered glass in cobalt blues with a ring of red just inside the lip, I drew large spirals into the powder blending the colors.  By now, you know the spiral appears in a lot of my work.  The golden trees are hand drawn, representing my surroundings.  Living in the Columbia River Gorge, there is much to be inspired by.   I think I’ll get back to this series right after the Glass Craft & Bead Expo.  

For now, I’m still acquiring and packing up supplies for my students at the Expo, so please forgive the lack of daily posts.  I’m excited, as always to be going back to Las Vegas & meeting new students each day.  I hope I can inspire them to work with powdered glass in new ways.

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