Happy New Year

January 1, 2014

Steider Studios:  Lyle Point 1.1.14

I had a glorious ending to 2013 and a fabulous beginning to 2014 chasing eagles along the Columbia River.  They congregate where the Klickitat River meets the Columbia River.

Steider Studios:  Bald Eagle.1.1.14

Fog has covered the river most days with sun breaks from time to time.  I’ve been traversing the Columbia near Lyle daily this last week and plan to continue until the eagles are gone.

Steider Studios:  Juvenile Bald Eagle.1.1.14

Today, eagle expert Tim Pitz led a small group of us on an ‘Eagle Outing’ along the Balfour trail from the Memaloose Tasting Room in Lyle.  To our astonishment, this juvenile stayed perched on the trail while our group carefully and quietly made our way around her.  Tim pointed out the blood still on her talons and her swollen crop indicating she had just eaten.

Steider Studos:  Kingfisher.1.1.14

Prior to the event I was at the water’s edge looking for a Kingfisher that I recently discovered.  He didn’t disappoint.  I was lucky to see him dive in the water twice just after his call that sounds like maniacal laughter.

Steider Studios: Bonus Bird.Kingfisher

Here’s another shot of him from a few days ago when I first discovered him.

Steider Studios:  Goose in Flight

After today’s event the river had filled up with people fishing so I headed home.  Stopped at the Bingen Marina in time to catch some geese flying off, but I saw no more eagles.

Steider Studios:  Hawk.12.31.13

Yesterday I was lucky to catch this hawk flying.  I’m told it’s a juvenile Red tail.

Steider Studios:  Juvenile Eagle in Flight. 12.29.13

A couple days ago a juvenile bald eagle graced me with his presence.

Steider Studios:  Eagle in Flight.12.29.13

The same day I was lucky to have this bald eagle fly right in front of me.

Steider Studos:  Juvenile Bald Eagle on Beach 12.30.13

And this motley juvenile was the only eagle on the beach while I searched for the Kingfisher.

Steider Studios:  Heron in Tree.12.31.13

Yesterday a friend and I missed this heron hiding in a tree as we hiked by.  Fortunately her husband pointed him out to us as we hiked back out!

Steider Studios:  End of County Road

The last few days have been amazing.  I’m so lucky to live here, in the Columbia River  Gorge.  I can’t wait to see what unfolds tomorrow!  And I really can’t wait until my new Tamron 150-600mm lens arrives!

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