Success, Thanks to YOU!

April 15, 2013

Steider Studios:  Studio Sale plus Treasure

The Gorge Artists Open Studios Tour  was a huge success for all.  It was one of my best in the 15 or more years that I’ve been hosting a studio sale.

Before I begin packing and storing all my work I want to thank everyone who stopped by my studio this weekend.  We had so much fun seeing old friends and meeting new friends.

I loved hearing all the compliments!  If you know who it was at the Lyle Winery (could it have been Syncline?) telling everyone not to miss my studio, I’d love to thank that person with a token of my gratitude!!  A favorite moment was the little girl examining all my jewelry, who exclaimed she’d “never seen anything so pretty and sparkly before”.

My studio helpers, Angela, Jean & Cathy were awesome, as always!!  By the way if I didn’t get a chance to tell you, the wine I served was from Cathy’s 30 year old vineyard, DemiAnni Family Winery.  Alex planted and tended his grapes all those years ago and now makes a fabulous wine.  We have the beginning of a Facebook page set up, so please go ‘like’ their page, DemiAnni Family Winery!

Treasure, my door greeter was so tired by Sunday afternoon that she simply gave up the ghost and napped in the midst of us all.  She deserves a long hike tomorrow!  Thank you everyone for your continued support.  Whether you came to my studio, purchase my work from a local gallery or buy on-line,  I could not survive without you!!


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