Steider Studios:  Tiny Waterfall

This weekend I attended a photo conference that inspired and fueled my passion for photography.

Steider Studios:  Wahclella Falls

It began Friday with a hike to Wahclella Falls near Bonneville Dam.  Most of the other photographers were landscape enthusiasts.

Steider Studios:  Fish Swimming Upstream

I love great landscapes, but am more captivated with nature.  In the creek leading to Wahclella Falls, fish were swimming upstream.

Steider Studios:  Spider Sups at Waterfall

Spiders were building webs and capturing prey……

Steider Studios:  Dipper at Wahclella Falls

…and at the end of our hike I found a Dipper perched on a rock!

Steider Studios:   Starvation Creek Falls

To our delight, the group leader added a second stop at Starvation Creek Falls .

Steider Studios:  Mt. Hood at Sunrise.10.13.13

Saturday I attended five lectures on various technical or inspirational topics, then Sunday enjoyed another field trip.  Mt. Hood at sunrise!  Unfortunately clouds hampered our view, but I can go back another time if I can drag myself out of bed that early again.

Steider Studios:  Mt. Hood at Sunrise10.13.13

Eventually the clouds broke up and we had a semi-clear view of the mountain before it was time to leave.

Steider Studios:  Top of Mt.Hood

As we left, I grabbed this last shot of the top of Mt. Hood.  I love living amidst the majesty of the Columbia River gorge.

Steider Studios:  Red Breasted Sapsucker

Most inspiring to me was Friday evening keynote speaker, Paul Bannick.  Taking his lecture to heart and paying even more attention to habitat than before, I was able to capture this Red-breasted sapsucker near my studio following the conference.   I could go on and on about how fabulous Paul is, but I am rushing out for another hike to find more birds!  Go like his Facebook Page and buy his book, but I warn you – prepare to be awed!

In case you didn’t know it, many of my images are available as all-occasion greeting cards in my Zibbet shop.  Some have also been printed on canvas wraps and glossy aluminum.

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