Mother’s Day – a day to celebrate our Mothers and all the influential women in our lives.  Not everyone chooses to have children and there are several women in my life who I honor even though I’m not their daughter.

In addition to my mother who made it in a ‘Man’s World’ and her sisters who I adore, I have to include Mom’s best friend Rae as one of those women.  Rae moved in with us to help pay our rent when I was 5 or 6. Rae’s mom had one of the first gardens I remember with the sweetest raspberries and petrified wood. I wish I could have told Rae how much she meant to me before she passed on to the next world.

When I was a teen, Mom’s friend Carol made our house payment a time or two so we wouldn’t lose our house. Carol and her partner always treated my sisters & I as though we were important enough to listen to. She laughed at our jokes & always had a smile for us.

Donna, an ex-nun also worked with Mom & was absolutely outrageous to a teenager. She smoked, drank, cussed & told us racy jokes as if we were old enough to understand them.  She let me drive her red convertible sports car anytime and anywhere I wanted.  Mom insisted I only drive it around the block.

I did get to tell them both later in life how they influenced me, but I’m not sure they heard me as I had a very soft voice back then. I’d sure like to find them again to be sure they know. That I love them for loving us unconditionally back then, even though we didn’t know that’s what they were doing. Unconditional love. It was a huge feeling for someone who didn’t know what it meant…until later.

None of those extraordinary friends of my mom had children of their own. They are why I always celebrate all the women who are positive influences in the life of a child. Mother’s Day is for every woman who touches the heart of a child.  Thank you ladies, for touching mine and for helping to shape the woman I am today.  I love you.  Unconditionally.

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