Puzzle Vase Up For Bid

Puzzle Vase Up For Bid

I’ve been thinking all weekend about the upcoming Helping Hands Against Violence art auction & how could I be of more help. I wondered if I posted an item here for bid if I’d be able to raise additional funds to benefit HHAV. I’m going to try it to see what happens.

This vase from the same series listed in my last post (Puzzles) is made from recycled bits and pieces of iridescent clear glass. I darkened the photo to get better contrast, allowing you to see more of the detail. The vase is three sided, which is difficult to achieve in a standard kilnformed vase form. It stands 4.25″ tall and is 7″ across the widest parts.  It retails for $65.00.

Care to place a bid?  You can do so in the comment section below.  I’ll pay shipping anywhere in the US.  If you are in the Columbia Gorge I’ll personally deliver.  Crossing my fingers that one of you will want this piece enough to step up & place a bid!  And that someone else might also want it enough to place another bid.  Maybe even another one after that!  Auction will have to close on May 18th, (edit:  sorry, it has to close on the day of the auction, midnight) May 8th, this Friday night.  Thanks for your interest in Helping Hands Against Violence!

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