Spring has been an amazing adventure that I can’t wait to tell you about, but first I want to finish this series from Klamath Falls…….After our last Winter Wings organized field trip, refreshed, refueled and nourished, my friend Nancy and I headed back to Lower Klamath NWR to see what we could find.

Such an amazing place…the East Cascades Audubon Raptor Survey coordinator told me that I’d want to live there after experiencing it.

He was partly right.  I can see that I’d be at the refuge constantly!

There were ducks and geese in every waterway we drove by…

It was fun to watch this set of Northern Shovelers taking off…

…and fly right in front of us….

…only to land even closer to us!  Aren’t they an interesting duck?   One of my faves.

Ruddy Ducks are so fascinating with those beautiful blue bills.

We also saw more Pintails close to the road as well as Buffleheads, Wigeons, and so many more.

We saw Northern Harriers everywhere…..

We stopped at the owl nest that Dick Ashford took us to and we found Mama sitting on the nest but could not see Papa anywhere.

We watched this Rough-legged Hawk for a little while….

…until he took off to grab a snack.

Not sure what he found, but we left him in peace to enjoy it!

My friend & I stayed to shoot the sunset, but alas it wasn’t as spectacular as the rest of our day had been.  Still, it’s a beautiful place with much to see.

The end of another fabulous day on a National Wildlife Refuge in Southern Oregon….

Sunday, the last day of Winter Wings Festival, we woke at 4am to heavy snowfall with 4″ built up in the parking lot.

It was cold, dark and early but we headed over to the OIT to catch our ride for the last event my friend & I signed up for, “Call of the Wildfowl” with Jim Szemenyei.

After discussion about weather and road conditions, only 5 of us decided to go on our field trip to Lower Klamath NWR in the heavy snow.

We let our bus driver off the hook and drove slowly down the highway in Karl’s 4WD.

Because we were late, I watched a magnificent sunrise from the backseat, and as we arrived waterfowl were already bustling about their day.  (Lucky me to see my first Eurasion Wigeon pair!)

I must say this was one of the most amazing nature scenes I’ve ever witnessed……

….for hours and hours.

It was cold and windy but the sun peeked out from behind clouds off and on all morning.

Each time an eagle flew overhead a giant flock of birds would take off, fly across the marsh and land at a nearby section.  Swans, geese, ducks, blackbirds, all taking off at once amidst a cacophony of calls.

Jim, our guide let us know Pintails are his favorite duck so I snapped a few shots for him.

I’d not seen a Greater White-fronted Goose before.

Did I mention the noise?  It was incredible.  Like being in our own PBS nature show.

An American Wigeon flew oh so close to us.

Another herd of Pintails….yes, I know they are not herds, hahaha.

As the morning progressed more Tundra Swans flew overhead.

Snow Geese were constantly in motion.

This group of swans were settling farther out than where we would have liked.

I thought this was an interesting view of a Northern Shoveler.

There goes another eagle hunting across the marsh.

Then we saw Sandhill Cranes arriving!

Canada Geese…

More Pintails!

As our morning came to a close, Jim noticed this tree filled with Bald Eagles.

We walked over to investigate as waterfowl continued their routine.

A giant flock of Red-winged Blackbirds tormented us by not sitting still for portraits.

Another take off and landing for Snow Geese.

More Tundra Swans overhead.

Steider Studios.Tri-colored Blackbird.2.19.17

Edit:  I failed to mention I saw my first Tri-colored Blackbird.  Not the best photo, but yay!

My friend secretly grabbed this shot of me sitting back for a minute, joyfully taking it all in.  Another beyond fabulous day and it wasn’t even noon yet!

Note 2 hats (and I eventually pulled my hood up!), 2 gloves with hand-warmers, 2 shirts, a sweater and coat; 3 pants, 2 socks with toe warmers slipped inside insulated boots!  Alas I left that scarf somewhere in Klamath Falls!  It was deliciously warm on all my cold winter outings this season.

Our group headed back to campus to warm up, grab food and head out in different directions.  Nancy and I went back to Lower Klamath that afternoon and found delightful treats that I’ll show you in my next post!



Steider Studios.Deschutes River.11.8.15

Another wonderful day with the Columbia Gorge birding group ~ this month we went to the mouth of the Deschutes River.  We decided to walk along the west bank starting at the Heritage Boat landing, but failed to get that message to some of our people, so had to wave at each other across the river.  It turned out good though, because collectively we were able to see both the west and east sides of the river.  Yes, I like a positive spin!!

Steider Studios.American Kestrel 11.8.15

One of the first sightings was an American Kestrel on a utility pole wire stretching its wings.

Steider Studios.Bufflehead on the Deschutes

We saw plenty of waterfowl swimming and fishing, including this Bufflehead pair.  Light rain and clouds made lighting along the river not as optimum as I’d like.

Steider Studios.Barrow's Goldeneye on the Deschutes

Much discussion whether this was a Barrow’s or Common Goldeneye.  I believe it was settled as a Barrow’s.

Steider Studios.Common Merganser Pair

We saw Common Mergansers in several spots – lucky us the sun came out for a bit.

Steider Studios.Great Blue Heron on Deschutes River

I always love finding a Great Blue Heron.  Instead of a close up, I want to share his gorgeous environment.

Steider Studios.Spotted Sandpiper on the Deshutes River

A Spotted Sandpiper was discovered, apparently staying a little longer than usual in our area.

Steider Studios.Mullein Stalk at the Deschutes River

The Downey Woodpecker in this mullein flew off JUST as I focused!  He really was there.  Really.  I saw him.

Steider Studios.Northern Flicker near the Deschutes River

We saw several Northern Flickers frolicking in the shrubs…or perhaps working for food.

Steider Studios.American Kestrel in flight.

Here’s an American Kestrel in flight.  He was really too far away for a good shot but I have to try!

Steider Studios.Bewick's Wren near the Deschutes River

A Bewick’s Wren came in and out of view in thick brush as we traveled a path heading upriver.

Steider Studios.Yellow Bird

Several little birds were seen in the same thicket area including Golden-crowned and Ruby-crowned Kinglets; Fox and Golden-crowned Sparrows and this Yellow Bird that I think is a Goldfinch but it could be a Warbler.

Steider Studios.American Robin

We saw several American Robins in trees, and large groups of them flying overhead.

Steider Studios.Song Sparrow

A Song Sparrow munching his way through sage and thistle seed heads.

Steider Studios.Large Tree Trunk lying near Path

We all thought this large tree trunk lying near the path was fascinating.  Color, texture, size ~ it was impressive.

Steider Studios.Otters playing in the Deschutes River

Several in our group watched 3 Otters playing in the river for a few minutes.  I had a shrub blocking most of my view, so vignetted this image a bit to showcase the one otter that I saw a little better.  See him?  Gray critter against a gray rock in the gray river (towards the bottom right side).

Steider Studios.Song Sparrow

I think I caught another Song Sparrow, but I can always use help naming my sparrows!

Steider Studios.Western Grebe fishing in the Deschutes River.

Back at Heritage Boat Landing, I spotted a Western Grebe fishing.  What is that on his neck?!!  He was in a fight, or potential prey or maybe a fish bigger than him gave him a run for his money!

Steider Studios.Green-winged Teal with Mallards

I also saw a Green-winged Teal swimming with Mallards.  Why do they never swim toward me?

Steider Studios.Magpie at Heritage Boat Landing on the Deschutes River

As we stood in the parking lot, saying goodbye we watched a Black-billed Magpie in the tree across from us.

Steider Studios.Otters playing on The Deschutes River

The Deschutes River always has something of interest, it’s a favorite place of mine.  If I have wrong identification on any of these birds, I’d appreciate your correction.  Next month, we’ll head to Drano Lake!

Steider Studios.White Heron.Columbia River.2.1.15

February opened with a wonderful opportunity to see this leucistic Great Blue Heron along the Columbia River!!!

Steider Studios.Bald Eagle on Columbia R.2.1.15

Bald eagles are still here, and as I said on my Facebook. Page, “Why YES officer, I DO consider it an emergency when I see a Bald Eagle on a snag next to the highway. My car always pulls over for this type of ’emergency parking only’ situation!!”

Steider Studios.Northern Flicker.2.1.15

February 1st began with a small group of us meeting in Biggs and traversing the Columbia River to Maryhill State Park.  One of the first birds we saw was a Northern Flicker.

Steider Studios.Saturday.2.1.15-2

I was looking for an owl said to be there, but didn’t find it.  To my delight we found many little birds, like the Bewick’s Wren above.

Steider Studios.Saturday.2.1.15-3

It was a rainy gray day, but the little birds like this Fox Sparrow didn’t notice.  I did.  I left my camera’s raincoat in the car!  Had to cover it with a plastic bag that was loaned to me.

Steider Studios.Saturday.2.1.15-4

I managed to catch a Spotted Towhee between thicket branches.

Steider Studios.Saturday.2.1.15-7

A golden-crowned Sparrow posed for me framed by branches.

Steider Studios.Saturday.2.1.15-6

A few of us drove down the highway looking for a Long-eared owl that was seen another day, but instead we watched this Townsend’s Solitaire watching us.

Steider Studios.Saturday.2.1.15-5

I think this is a juvenile White-crowned Sparrow, but I get many of my sparrows mixed up!

Steider Studios.Saturday.2.7.15

Yesterday I went to Sauvie Island with my friend Nancy for an Audubon event.  Most of the birds were too far away, but fortunately Audubon had their birds there for us to see up close and personal!  Love the little American Kestrels even more now!!

Steider Studios.Audubon Peregrine Falcon.Saturday.2.7.15

Mesmerized by this little Peregrine Falcon, I learned so much about him and other raptors from the volunteers staffing the many booths and bird-watching stations.

Steider Studios.'Ruby' Audubon Turkey Vulture.Saturday.2.7.15

This is Ruby, the Audubon’s Turkey Vulture.  My appreciation for this scavenger bird has grown since learning more about them last spring.

Steider Studios.Waterfowl Group.2.7.15

Since we couldn’t get close enough to photograph the Sandhill Cranes and Swans, we headed out to Crystal Springs in Portland.

Steider Studios.Wood Duck Male at Crystal Springs.Saturday.2.7.15

It was raining and once again I left my camera raincoat behind!  I used my rain pants, which was a great substitute!  You can see raindrops on the Wood Duck’s back while we experienced a moment of clearing.

Steider Studios.American Wigeon.2.7.15

This American Wigeon and other waterfowl came running at the sound of children’s voices.  Apparently they know when kids are around they get treats!

Steider Studios.Mallard at Crystal Springs..Saturday.2.7.15

I tend to look for the unusual ducks, but this Mallard was begging to have his portrait taken.

Steider Studios.Unknown Waterfowl.2.7.15

I can’t figure out what the waterfowl behind the Mallard is.  Canvasback maybe?  Not exactly.

Steider Studios.Waterfowl..2.7.15

I have many more photos to process but will stop here so I can deliver a print today, ordered by a friend.

Steider Studios.Sand Hill Crane.Dance.Sauvie.1.23.15

Don’t forget, “Fine Feathered Friends” opens at Columbia Art Gallery First Friday, March 6th and runs through March 30th.  Co-curator Robin Panzer and I have put together a fabulous month of events for your enjoyment in addition to 16 artists presenting their artwork!  Many of our artists will demonstrate their process during the month and we’ll have an interactive display on loan from Conboy National Wildlife Refuge.  On Mar 7th come see Raptors, live in the theater at Columbia Arts!  Mar 14 you can paint a birdhouse in the studio.  Mar 21st, enjoy a fashion show of feathery tattoos and a tattoo demonstration.  Mar 28 join us for a short hike up the Hood River stairs into an older neighborhood to see and learn about our resident birds with field biologist, Cathy Flick.

Steider Studios.Sunrise.11.2.14

As I raced down the hill and through the fog Sunday morning, on my way to join a group of birders I was suddenly stopped in my tracks. Simultaneously the fog lifted, the sun began to rise and the colors in the sky were rearranged into this magnificent order. I thought of a friend who’s fighting cancer. I had to stop and take this shot for her. I felt overpowering love from this sky, the kind of love where your heart opens without bounds. It was a fabulous beginning.

Steider Studios.Columbia River Gorge From Bridge.11.2.14

Then as I crossed the bridge and saw that gorgeous light behind those clouds….I had confirmation of the fabulous day ahead!  Lucky for me there was no one behind me on the bridge!!

Steider Studios.Golden Crowned Sparrow

As we walked toward the river from where we parked at The Hook, we saw this cute little Golden-crowned Sparrow, wearing his winter feathers.

Steider Studios.Kingfisher.11.2.14 HR Marina

We slowly worked our way to Waucoma Basin, but I lagged behind when I heard the call of one of my favorites, a Belted Kingfisher!  We know he’s a male because he has no orange belt.

Steider Studios.Shoveler Duck.HR Marina.11.2.14

Down at the Basin we saw Mallards of course, but among them were a couple of Northern Shovelers, including this female.

Steider Studios.Wood Ducks.HR Marina.11.2.14

Several Wood Ducks were also in the Basin – they were our big draw.  The males are easy to see, but there are two females in this image also!

Steider Studios.Grebe.HR Marina.11.2.14

Walking further along the Hook’s gravel road, we felt the warm sun gracing us with better light on this Horned Grebe in winter plumage.  There was a large raft of Grebes and Ducks farther out on the Columbia.

Steider Studios.Ring Necked Duck

Just when I thought I had my Wigeons and Ruddys down, I suddenly can’t identify most of the waterfowl I saw.  This is a male Ring-necked Duck and I love his golden eye!

Steider Studios.White Crowned Sparrow.11.2.14

Half our group decided to go over to the marina and a couple of us watched this little White-crowned Sparrow for a moment before we joined them.

Steider Studios.Raft of Ducks.HR.11.2.14

I cropped this raft of ducks super tight because I didn’t see the ‘Redhead’ that everyone wanted me to see until I looked at my photos.  I wish I had written down all the names of waterfowl the other birders were calling out!

Steider Studios.Trio of Ducks in Flight.11.2.14

Trio of ducks taking off from the raft.  I thought I knew what these were yesterday.

Steider Studios.Bonaparte's Gulls.HR.11.2.14

I had never noticed this size difference in Gulls…or maybe I hadn’t noticed little Boneparte’s Gulls before.  They were on the sandbar at the Hood River Marina.

Steider Studios.Heron.HR Marina.11.2.14

A resident Great Blue Heron greeted us as we walked along the path next to the Hood River from the beach towards the foot bridge.

Steider Studios.Killdeer.HR Marina.11.2.14

On our way to the foot bridge we stopped to watch a large group of Killdeer.

Steider Studios.Sandpiper.HR Marina.11.2.14

I learned to watch for other birds like this Least Sandpiper when Killdeer are present.

Steider Studios.Merganser in Hood River.11.2.14

We crossed the Hood River and checked Nichols Basin for Night Herons but didn’t see any.  This female Common Merganser slept (or pretended to) during our walk out and back in – see her peeking out at me?

Steider Studios.Salmon Spawning.11.2.14

To finish off the day a couple of us stood on the foot bridge watching salmon spawn!  Then back at the beach I got close enough to watch a Merlin bathing in the Columbia at the edge of the sandbar, but alas my shots are too blurry to share.

I love going out with this group!!  The first Sunday morning of each month.  Care to join us?!!

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