A Sizzling Summer

August 9, 2014

Steider Studios.Please Don't Eat the Cosmos1

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months since my last post!  This summer is flying by faster than ever and I am barely keeping up.  My garden is overrun… with weeds and deer.

Steider Studios.Kilnload of WallPockets.8.7.14My studio is working overtime catching up with orders. I’m having a run on recycled glass wall pocket vases at the moment ~ you can see the finished versions here.

Steider Studios.Elk with Babies

Since the first day of summer I’ve traveled to Conboy National Wildlife Refuge often to find Sand Hill Cranes, Elk, Otters, Waterfowl and any wildlife that presents itself to me…

Steider Studios.Treasure on the Beach

I’ve learned to use LightRoom for my photo processing and management; celebrated my sweet girl Treasure‘s 7th BirthDay and my BFF’s 60th!  I’ve had lunch, dinner, coffee and wine with friends over the last 7 weeks…

Steider Studios.Rowena Fire.8.7.14

…I’ve had brush removed from my property for fire protection by a 6 man crew that knocked it out in three days!  We seem to have wildfires near us every summer now.  This wildfire is almost out At Rowena Oregon, across the Columbia River From Lyle WA where I watch eagles and osprey.

Steider Studios.Family at Long BeachI went on a very fun multi-generational family vacation across Western Washington exploring only a fraction of what my state has to offer, including a ride up the Space Needle for the first time and a drive on the beach at Long Beach!

Steider Studios.Baby Osprey Stretching Wings

I continue to check on several families of Osprey along the Columbia River.  The babies have grown up so fast.  I was shocked at the rate of growth in the 10 days that I missed while in Alaska.

Steider Studios.Moose in Denali.2014

Yes, I was in Alaska teaching for Half Moon Creek for the 4th time.  My 4th visit to Alaska was magical and deserves a post…no, several posts just to show you how beautiful Alaska is and how much fun we had.

I have volunteered for Columbia Arts, managed my way through the relaunch of my sales site, Zibbet

Steider Studios.Group Hike to Bird Creek Meadows.

…and formed new friendships with a new hiking group while traversing Bird Creek Meadows!

In short, I have not been able to make myself sit at the computer while the sun shines and I can play outside!  I’ll try to get my Alaska Adventure up soon for you to dream up your own Alaskan Adventure.  It’s one of those places that I wish everyone could experience.  I am already working on getting back there!

A wildfire broke out near my studio on 9.5.12.  We’ve been anxiously watching its progress.

Today we are thrilled to learn its 40% contained.   Dry grass, steep terrain and heat made it difficult for fire fighters.

Fire crews from all over the NW came to help and we are so grateful.

My studio was never in danger as the fire is about 4 miles away but directly on the route we drive into town.

At this time, most evacuees have returned home and no structures are damaged.

Smoke drifted to Goldendale WA, Portland OR, and all points between.

Thanks for enjoying tonight’s sunset with me.  Smokey skies do make a gorgeous sunset, but we’ll be happy to have our clear skies back.

Surrounded by Smoke

September 8, 2011

Fire season has broken out across the country and we are no exception.  On our way home from Sacramento I didn’t mention that we were the last set of cars let through on Highway 26 because the ‘Powerline’ fire had just broken out and officials were about to close the highway (which stayed closed for several days).

We also drove through smoke from the fire near Kahneeta all along the route from 97 to Highway 35.

Just as we rounded the last bend in our road, almost home, we saw a huge billow of smoke across the river on the north face of Mt Hood. One of our neighbors called it in but was brushed off – authorities knew about it & it would burn itself out.  Oooookay.

The next day it wasn’t as windy, so didn’t look as bad but …um…is someone going to put it out?.  Now, 10 days later firefighters are having a difficult time controlling it according to latest news reports.

From September 1st to 3rd news reports said the fire doubled in size as the wind shifted from east to west.  Smokey skies at sunset are so vivid, but I’d rather use a filter to produce these colors.

A few of my Portland friends say they were infiltrated with smoke, but I can’t imagine it’s as smokey as we are in the Columbia River Gorge!

A few days ago a fire near Maryhill Museum disrupted traffic on Hwy 14, but was put out within a couple of days.  A fire near Satus Pass closed Hwy 97 for a brief time yesterday, and Box Canyon residents had to evacuate.

This morning as I hiked out to the bluff the fire alarm rang out.  I could smell smoke, but from where couldn’t tell.

Last night’s sunset had a more lavender than red tone, but we’re still smokin’ in the Columbia River Gorge.

Of course, none of our fires are as devastating as that in Bastrop Texas.

Godspeed to all firefighters, battling blazes this season.

Edit:  The fire on Satus Pass, now called the Monastery Complex Fire, has now claimed 9 homes and 10 outbuildings.  Hwy 97 has only one lane open and traffic is being escorted by a pilot car.  Evacuation center set up in Goldendale.

Incident info for Dollar Lake fire (thanks Cynthia)
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