Steider Studios:  Celestial Series, Yellow and Tangerine Rings

More good news!  My bowl was selected to be featured in the ‘On Fire for Handmade’ Great Finds (Yummy Yellows) Page! I hope you’ll click the link & vote for my sunny…or should I say YUMMY yellow bowl.  http://onfireforhandmade.com/yummy-yellow-great-finds/

The Poll is at the bottom of the page. 1 vote per computer per IP only is allowed. Voting will close on Friday Morning June 7th.  Please vote for my bowl and ask your friends to vote too!

1st place receives a free Listing in the ‘On Fire Gift Guide’ and a free ad spot in the ‘On Fire’ site.

From my ‘Celestial Series’, iridescent sunny yellow with tangerine rings and 22k gold embellishment.  Oh, and it’s available from my Zibbet shop!


Update!  Thanks to your votes, I won the feature!  My Zibbet shop will be featured here, at On Fire for Handmade through the end of June.  Thank you!!

I’ve spent the last few days of May uploading items into my Zibbet shop.  Mostly wall-pocket vases, but also a couple garden fairies and earrings.  I haven’t put a dent in the amount of work I have here that needs to be photographed and written about, then loaded into my shop.  I plan to use my non-garden-worthy days this summer to accomplish that task.

Most of the end of May was spent putting my cabin back together after back to back studio sale weekends….well, almost.  There’s much still to do, but I’ve got the major tasks accomplished.  We can toss the dog toys again, so it’s back to normal living.  And I can get back to work!  I have a couple interesting orders waiting on my workbench.  And I need to make more bracelets!

This last week I’ve been talking with a couple of studios about teaching.  Confirmed is Palmer Alaska at the beginning of August.  Yes, it’s true, I’ll be teaching for Half Moon Creek again.  How I love that studio/gallery and the ladies who own it.  Let me count the ways by sharing (again) my class from last summer in this post.  (Just in case you missed it the first time).

I love Alaska and can’t wait to go back!  I’ll be teaching Powderology again plus my ‘Build a Better Pocket’ class.  I think the classes will fill fast, so if you’re interested in joining me in Alaska (and I do hope you are), better contact Half Moon Creek soon!  I promise you’ll have a spectacular time!

Welcome to Palmer Alaska

June 25th will be the one year anniversary since I launched Steider Studios Glass Medium™.  I plan to have a follow up blog post showcasing how you are using it. I have a few photos that some of you sent me, and will be posting them unless I hear otherwise. If you’re using my medium, I want you to send me a photo or two for sharing – with links to your sites. Yes all your sites, I’ll promote you with wild abandon!

Whether you call it ‘glass clay’ or ‘glass paste’, I’ve seen some amazing work that’s being done with it & can’t wait to share it with you.  Send your photo(s) to me at:  Linda at SteiderStudios dot com.  Thank you!!

Most of you know that BECon is happening mid June and I’d been on the fence over whether to go or not.  I was looking forward to getting together with friends coming in from all over the world while they were here in Portland, only an hour and a half from where I live.  Alas, Granny decided for me that I definitely wont’ be there.  She wanted to rest eternally next to Grandpa in Rose Hills and as it happens Rose Hills was booked until mid June.

 Lastly, I’d like to invite you to a gallery show I’m participating in, ‘Get Centered‘ at  Columbia Arts in Hood River.  The reception is this First Friday, June 3rd from 6 to 8pm and runs through the 26th.  It’s a celebration of Columbia Arts’ first five years in the current space.  Some fascinating work was delivered today, don’t miss it!

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New Boxes are in!

May 20, 2009

Red Yellow Blue

Red Yellow Blue

As promised here are the boxes that were finished, just in time for the Columbia Gorge Art Festival. I had to re-make the lids – the first time through I overfired them, making the embellishments too flat.  The frog lid was especially sad as a flattened embellishment.

Princely Green

Princely Green

When I teach at D&L Art Glass in Denver this July, I’ll be leading students through the process of making these wonderful boxes using powdered glass for color.  New ideas abound as I fill the Lidded Box Molds again, making the next round of boxes.

I’ll show the next round soon, but must first spend some time filling up my on-line shop and firing more glass for the upcoming Art in the Garden show!


SunDrop - The Path

"SunDrop Series: The Path"


SunDrops Series

SunDrops Series

SunDrops Series


These are 3 of the 4 bowls chosen from the series I’ve been working on the last couple months.  Chosen as the work that will be delivered to Columbia Art Gallery tomorrow for the ‘Art Heals’ show.  It was difficult to narrow my selections down to 4 pieces.  The first Sun Bowl I posted has also ‘made the cut’.  


“The Path” is 16″ diameter by 2″ deep.  The smaller bowls are both 12.5″ by 2″ deep.

Made with powdered glass atop a sheet glass substrate, they are capped with an iridescent glass, giving extra luster, which is difficult to see in these photos.  The 22k gold lines are drawn by hand & fired in during the final firing.  Most of the bowls in this series were fired 4 to 5 times to achieve my desired results.

More Sunshine

February 13, 2009

Here are a couple of  Sister Sun Bowls, pulled out of the kiln yesterday that I’m happy with.  I have another couple that didn’t work out – too many bubbles & not enough time to rescue them.  It’s easier & faster to simply start over.  Today I’ll be making a couple more from scratch that need to be complete enough to turn in the title & price in time for the ‘Art Heals’ show at the Columbia Art Gallery.


10.75″ diameter x 2″ deep


12.5″ diameter x 2″ deep

Sometimes I have the title before I begin; sometimes the title presents itself to me in progress, or as soon as I see it finished.  For this series all I can think of is “Sun”, “Sun”, “Sun”, “Sun”, “Sun”, “Sun”.

Bowl full of Sun

February 11, 2009



Although not quite ready for the show in March, here is the first bowl pulled from my kiln, plus it’s detail shot.  This bowl is 16″  in diameter with gold lines added for sparkle.  More after I pull the sister bowls out…….



Work in Progress

February 10, 2009

celestial.mini.yellowMiniature Celestial Bowls:

Preparing for the upcoming March show at the Columbia Art Gallery, I begin by creating miniature versions of the bowls I want to produce to see what colors, patterns, & lines I want to work with.  The show is titled “Art Heals – From Birth to Death”.   Those of us asked to participate are to create work that suggests hope.  Through the dark dreary winter days my thoughts have rested on the return of the sun.  The light coming back to energize my spirit, my creativity, my soul.

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