Coral:  “The earrings arrived….they are beautiful….my son Joe was very impressed with your work”

Sue:  “”Linda! I received my earrings today, and they are even more stunning than in your photograph! I can’t wait to flaunt them.”

Jim:  “I really like the way it displays, especially with sunlight coming through from the back. I can’t wait until it is hanging in my living room window!”

Carol:  “I got the earrings today. They are beautiful! Can’t wait to wear the set.”

John:  “I received the Earrings! She loved them! She will be teaching students with them on today.”

Janice:  “I want to tell you how much i love the wall vases! they are perfect for my bathroom wall!”

Ronny:  “Thank you… I love your photos”
Bethany:  “The glass wall pocket vases arrived and they will be such a nice touch.  Beautifully made and so unique.”

Amy:  “The stars are even more beautiful in person! I am beyond thrilled to havefound the perfect holiday gifts for my team!”

Al:  “Wow again!  You’re a big hit! Thanks”

From Sue:  “Thank you for a wonderful class and a wonderful time!  You are an excellent teacher and you made my experience a thrill.  Thanks for being so helpful and attentive to each and every one of us.  I hope to see you again next year in another class!”

Leah said “I took your class on Powders in Las Vegas in April and have been raving about it and all the techniques I learned from you.”

Tom wrote:  “I saw a lot of glass at the Portland Glass Guild show this year, some of it really eye popping but if I wanted a piece of art in glass that invites you in and makes you comfortable staying to look for awhile then I would get something from you.  Keep up the great work!”

Cathy:  “I’m having a great time making wall pockets using the techniques that you taught us in Las Vegas!”

Ana:  “Beautiful pieces!  It was hard to choose!  Thanks for offering such pretty art sculpture.”

From Glenn:  “Linda, I wanted to write and thank you for the beautiful butterfly.  It is stunning.  I very quickly glanced at your online catalog.  You are very talented and I expect to purchase additional items in the future.  I blow and fuse glass myself and appreciate the work of others very much.  Your work inspired many ideas and fostered a commitment to be as good as you someday.  Keep up the great work.”

Lynette:  “Thanks so much for the awesome class!”

Lexie says “I absolutely love it…I have a lot of blue in my house so finding the perfect showcase spot will not be hard!  Thank you for my amazing little blue piece”

Kathe wrote:  “Just wanted to let you know that I received the earrings and love them.  They are perfect!  Thanks.”

Georgia:  “I have two pieces of your recycled glass art and love them.”

Yumi says “Thank you very much for the fun & very inspiring class!  I learned a lot & had a great time!”

Wow, thank you Joseph:  “What do you want in a teacher? A Master of the subject, in knowledge, experience, and skill? A warm friendly style that delivers that knowledge in an easy understandable manner? Open to any question and the capacity to deliver a personal answer? A willingness to explore beyond the edges of a structured curriculum? A personal instructor as close as an email who is willing to provide answers and direction beyond the class, days, weeks, or months after the class is over? An instructor of such personable qualities that they become a personal friend in short order?

You will find all of these qualities and much more in Linda Steider! I took one of Linda’s classes in Exploring Glass Powders to gain a beginning foundation. I ran with what I learned from her, pushed the boundaries with my own experiments, and produced “Cosmic Singularity” which took Second Place in the Gallery of Excellence at the Glass Craft and Bead Expo in Las Vegas, April 2009.

Linda Steider cannot transform you into an award winning artist, but she can and will provide you with inspiration and the knowledge to express your own artistic visions. That is my experience with Linda and I highly recommend her courses to anyone wanting to explore what can be done with glass powders. Linda works with COE 90 glass. I work in System 96. I found that everything Linda taught me is directly transferable. It doesn’t matter which glass you work with, you can learn from Linda.”


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