Barred Owl at Tualatin Hills Nature Park

May 29, 2014

Steider Studios:  Barred Owl at Tualatin Nature Park

I went back to Tualatin Hills Nature Park just in time to see the last Pileated woodpecker fledge.  You can see it’s first moment outside the nest on my 365 -Empty Nest post.  Afterwards I planned to search for the Barred owl again, but I didn’t have to.  It was sitting on a branch directly over a path around the corner from the woodpecker nest!

Steider Studios:  Barred Owl in Tree

Usually when you see it you have to wonder why you missed it as you walked past it the first time.  This time there was already a group of people under the tree looking up at it so it was easy to spot.

Steider Studios:  Barred Owl Back

This barred owl was smaller than the one I saw last week, but much easier to photograph since he wasn’t in the thick of trees.  As the crowd grew he turned his head watching us.

Steider Studios:  Owl Head Shot

You know I took 500 shots of him.  These are my favorites.  With my new lens!!

Steider Studios: Fluffy Barred Owl

At one point he fluffed up his feathers – isn’t he gorgeous?

Steider Studios:  Barred Owl Fluffed Up

Some people left, others came then left.  I will go back to this amazing park to enjoy again without a crowd.  It has a spiritual, magical feel to it.  You might want to check out their Facebook page to see photos that people share of the amazing landscape and wildlife.

Steider Studios:  Owl Ready to Pounce

My last shot of him is a blur as he flew directly toward, then past me.  This is the last shot before he left the branch.  I could not manipulate my camera with the new lens fast enough to catch his flight.  Still practicing with it!!  Starting to get excited about how I’ll translate these images into glass.

Edit:  I’ve had a couple of requests today for specific images in prints and cards.  I’m adding them to my next order.  If you’d like one of my images in print form or as an all occasion greeting card, let me know so I can include it in my next order.  You can message me via the comments here or email, linda at steider studios dot com.  Thanks for your interest in my work!

6 Responses to “Barred Owl at Tualatin Hills Nature Park”

  1. rose Says:

    What a special experience and I thank you for sharing it with us!


  2. Thanks Rose, it’s my pleasure!


  3. Chris Says:

    Fabulous photos of a gorgeous owl, love the patterns on the wings in the 2nd and 3rd.


  4. Thanks so much Chris! I think he’s gorgeous too.


  5. I’ll be tripping over my feet while looking up in the trees next time I’m at the nature park. Can’t wait to see my first barred owl!


  6. It is hard to stay upright while looking up; and walking without twisting your ankle on a root, rock or paving edge, lol. I found myself shuffling with an occasional look down to be sure I was still on a path.


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