Still learning about waterfowl, if you see a mistake, please correct me.  These and many more of my images are available as greeting cards (all occasion), prints on paper, metal or canvas. For purchasing information, go to steiderstudios.com or send an email to me at steiderstudiosart at gmail dot com.

Steider Studios: American Coot 9.7.14

American Coot

Steider Studios.American White Pelican.2.17.15

American White Pelican

Steider Studios.American Wigeon.2.7.15

American Wigeon

Steider Studios.American Wigeon at Bingen Marina

American Wigeon

Steider Studios.American Wigeon

American Wigeon

Steider Studios.Bufflehead.Male.Hatchery.2.10.15


Steider Studios.Bufflehead Female.Hatchery.2.10.15

Bufflehead female

Steider Studios: Goose in Flight

Canada Goose in flight

Steider Studios.Canadian Geese Family

Canada Goose with goslings

Steider Studios.Geese with Goslings

Canada Goose pair with goslings

Steider Studios.Gosling Swimming

Canada Goose gosling

Steider Studios.Cinnamon Teal.5.8.14

Cinnamon Teal

Merganser Taking Off in the Klickitat River.

Common Merganser female taking off

Steider Studios.Merganser.Across From.Rowland Lake.1.1.15

Common Merganser female in flight

Steider Studios.Greater Scaup.HR Marina.12.26.14

Greater Scaup

Steider Studios.Greater Scaup.Female.HRMarina.1.6.14

Greater Scaup female

Steider Studios.Green Winged Teal at Balfour

Green-winged Teal

Steider Studios.Hooded Merganser.Ridgefield.1.23.15

Hooded Merganser

Steider Studios.Hooded Merganser Pair.Ridgefield.1.29.15

Hooded Merganser pair

Steider Studios.Merganser.Bingen Marina.10.27.14

Hooded Merganser female

Steider Studios.Merganser Family.Stevenson.5.25.15

Hood Merganser female with ducklings

Steider Studios.Grebe.HR Marina.11.2.14Horned Grebe

Steider Studios.Pair of Mallards


Steider Studios.Mallard at Crystal Springs..Saturday.2.7.15


Steider Studios.DuckNorthern Pintail fe?.HRMarina.1.6.15

Northern Pintail Female

Steider Studios.Northern Shoveler at Riparian

Northern Shoveler

Steider Studios.Shoveler Duck.HR Marina.11.2.14

Northern Shoveler female

Steider Studios.Ring-necked Duck in Flight.Rowland.2.10.15

Ring-necked Ducks in flight

Steider Studios.Ring-necked Duck

Ring-necked Duck female

Steider Studios.Ring-necked Duck.9.20.14

Ring-necked Duck and Northern Pintail females

Steider Studios.Swan Fight.Bingen.Marina.2.15.15

Trumpeter Swans

Great Blue Heron photo-bombs Swans at Bingen Pond.

Great Blue Heron photo-bombs Swans at Bingen Pond.

Trumpeter Swans with Great Blue Heron

Steider Studios.Wood Duck Male at Crystal Springs.Saturday.2.7.15

Wood Duck

Steider Studios.Wood Duck Juvenile.9.23.14

Wood Duck juvenile

Steider Studios.Wood Ducks.HR Marina.11.2.14

Two pair of Wood Ducks

Steider Studios.Wood Duckling.Pink Reflection.5.11.15

Wood Duck duckling

Steider Studios.Brown Snow Goose

I was told this is a brown Snow Goose.  Not sure that’s correct.

Steider Studios.Saturday.2.7.15-9

I’m not sure at all what this duck is with a gray head and vanilla body.

4 Responses to “Birds ~ Ducks, Waterfowl”

  1. remarkable collection, Linda! well done! I think the Wood ducks are my faves


  2. Thanks so much Darlisa, I have hundreds more, just trying to get these pages established! The ‘Woodies’ are indeed beautiful.


  3. Fred Binning Says:

    Young Cacana Geese are called Goslings not Chicks.


  4. Thanks so much Fred!


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