Most of my bird photos are taken in the Columbia River Gorge and a bit beyond.  These and many more of my images are available as greeting cards (all occasion), prints on paper, metal or canvas. For purchasing information, go to steiderstudios.com or send an email to me at steiderstudiosart at gmail dot com.



Steider Studios.Bald Eagle Juvenile.1.1.15

Bald Eagle, juvenile

Steider Studios:  Eagle in Flight.12.29.13

Bald Eagle in flight

Steider Studios:  Bald Eagle.1.13.14

Bald Eagle

Steider Studios.Bald Eagle.3.31.15

Bald Eagle hunting (he picked up an American Coot just after I shot this)

Steider Studios.Hawk.Bingen Pond.1.21.15

Red-tailed Hawk

Steider Studios.Red-tailed Hawk in Flight.4.13.15

Red-tailed Hawk in flight

Steider Studios.Hawk in Flight.2

Red-tailed Hawk in flight

Steider Studios.Red-tailed Hawk.Conboy.2.19.15-6

Red-tailed Hawk

Steider Studios:  Hawk in Flight. 12.31.13

Red-tailed Hawk in flight

Steider Studios.American Kestral.Sauvie.1.23.15

American Kestrel

Steider Studios.Kestrel in Tree.Blue Sky

American Kestrel

American Kestrel on Snowden Road.

American Kestrel

Steider Studos.Osprey Bingen Marina 6.19.14


Steider Studios:  Osprey mating5

Osprey Pair

Steider Studios.Osprey in Flight with Fish.Blue Sky

Osprey in flight with fish

Steider Studios.Osprey Family on Nest

Osprey Family

Steider Studios.Osprey Parent in Flight.8.7.14

Osprey in Flight

Steider Studios:  Barred Owl Back

Barred Owl

Steider Studios:  Barred Owl in Tree

Barred Owl

Steider Studios.Barred Owl Head Shot

Barred Owl portrait

Steider Studios.Owl.Bingen Marina.4.20.15

Great Horned Owl

Steider Studios.Great Horned Owl.Ridgefield.9.23.14

Great Horned Owl

Steider Studios.Owlet Pair.4.21.15

Great Horned Owlets

Steider Studios.Northern Pygmy Owl 2

Northern Pygmy Owl

Steider Studios.Vulture Sunning.Wings Spread

Turkey Vulture

Steider Studios.Vulture in Flight

Turkey Vulture in Flight

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