Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Glass artist: Linda Steider

September 16, 2009 by Cyndi Lavin
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Glass artist: Linda Steider

Visit Linda’s blog and you’ll be enchanted by the lovely photos of flowers, glass, and the outdoors.  It’s pretty easy to see some of the things that inspire Linda, that’s for sure!   A visit to her website shows you immediately how many different ideas she likes to play with.  Glass is a never-ending source of delight for Linda.

Personal adornment

Personal adornment

Linda writes:

I love glass! I love wearing it, how it feels against my skin. It can feel light & airy like my earrings or more substantial like my chunky glass
bracelets. The pendants I make are everything in between. No matter where I am people are always commenting and complimenting my jewelry.

When making jewelry or personal adornment, I start out with matching sets, including earrings, bracelets, barrettes, ponytail holders and pendants. I don’t worry about breaking up sets, just think they’re fun to make and increases my collections of each category to offer my customers.

Sparkle Set

Sparkle Set

I delight in playing with color, shapes and sizes, and am notorious for not being able to just make one of anything. Take earrings for example, I had a custom order for a pair of red earrings, but in the process, I ended up with over a dozen! Even though I knew exactly what my customer wanted, I start wondering ‘what if’… What if I make the earring longer, shorter, with red as the base (and which of three reds will look best!); or black at the base and ooooh oooh ooooh, look at how the iridescent red makes the earring sparkle! I let myself stray from the original task, traversing down each of these paths and end up with a set of choices for my customer and an entire tray of new earrings to offer other customers. I love getting lost in the process and love seeing all the finished pairs of earrings in my tray! Then I begin the matching bracelet….

Sconce Set

Sconce Set

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