With mixed feelings I watched a live video stream today of the deconstruction of Condit Dam, eliminating the beautiful Northwestern Lake that has existed for 100 years on the White Salmon River.

The final decision to remove the dam after a 20 year debate seemed to be finally made because it was more economical than installing fish ladders.

I think the conservationists overstated the numbers of returning salmon; yet it’ll be interesting to see what happens. I do hope their optimism will bear out & the salmon population doubles.

I will miss Northwestern Lake, where many picnics and rafting trips down the White Salmon River were enjoyed.  The lake was shallow enough for kids to swim safely, surrounded by beautiful forest and a serene park and picnic area.

I have friends who live near the lake who may now have to drill deeper wells for their water.  Personally, as the lake was lowered all summer during construction phase of the breach, I felt a sense of loss for this beautiful lake that I’ve enjoyed for 25 yrs.

Yet, in a way, I’m excited to watch the White Salmon River go back to it’s natural state.  I look forward to what new discoveries lie waiting along the river’s shore.

This series of photos are a comparison of this summer and last summer along the banks of Northwestern Lake.

Today at noon 700 lbs of dynamite blew a hole at the base of Condit dam, setting free 2.4 million cubic yards of trapped sediment, thus ending the life of Northwestern Lake:

  • If I find video of the lake draining, I’ll add it here in an edit.
    In the meantime, here’s a screen grab from PacifiCorp’s homepage.

Fall has Fallen……

October 9, 2011

……and I’m not ready!  Not ready to say goodbye to Summer; not ready to put away my garden; not ready to gear up for holiday shows; not ready for classes; and really not ready for cold, dark or dreary.  But alas, fall arrives every year before I’m ready, and I manage to hustle through it.  So, here we go….

My ‘Basic Kinlforming’ class will start in just a week at The Dalles Art Center.  I picked up colorful new glass at Bullseye a week ago for this class to play with.  To register call Carmen or Jennifer at 541.296.4759.  Returning students always welcome!

Holiday shows I’m participating in are the annual Soroptimist’s Artisan Shopping Extravaganza.  This year it’s on November 27th from 10am until 4pm inside The Gorge Room at the Best Western Hood River Inn.  I’ll have wall pocket vases, jewelry, miniature bowls, and more.  Hope you’ll come say hello & see my new work!

I wouldn’t miss the Small Works’ annual holiday show at Columbia Art Gallery in Hood River.  The show runs December 2 – 29 with an opening reception on Friday December 2nd from 6 to 8pm.  Small works of art that make wonderful gifts is what you’ll find at this temptational show (yes, a made up word and I like it!).

I signed up for a booth at the Yard, Garden and Patio Show at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland next Feb 17 – 19!  I’m very excited about it and have new ideas for garden art that will be fun to make.  The sketches are done & I’ve begun work on the prototypes.  Plus I’ll have 3 days to buy plants, what a fun-filled opportunity!

In light of Steve Jobs passing, I must pay homage to those who inspired and mentored me.  Years ago I tracked down my high school art teacher to thank him for his role in my creative path.  If given an opportunity, don’t miss taking a class from these glass greats:

If you have’t already, take a moment to tell someone inspirational in your life how they helped you grow, enabled you, lit that creative spark or otherwise made a difference in your journey.

I haven’t said it in awhile & want you to know I’m humbled you read my words.  Especially knowing I can say it so much better visually.  In glass.  In color.  Playfully and joyfully.

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