These and many more of my images are available as greeting cards (all occasion), prints on paper, metal or canvas. For purchasing information, go to steiderstudios.com or send an email to me at steiderstudiosart at gmail dot com.

Steider Studios.BlackHeadedGrosbeak


Steider Studios.Rufous Sided Towhee from Back

Rufous Sided Towhee

Steider Studios:  Rufous Sided Towhee

Rufous Sided Towhee

Steider Studios.Rufous Sided Towhee with Baby

Rufous Sided Towhee parent with chick

Steider Studios.Robin at Conboy.2.19.15

American Robin

Steider Studios.Robin in Forest

American Robin

Steider Studios:  Robin and Grass Widows

American Robin

Steider Studios:  Robin in Flight

American Robin in flight

Steider Studios.Junco.1.31.14

Dark-eyed “Oregon” Junco

Steider Studios.White Crowned Sparrow.11.2.14

White-crowned Sparrow

Steider Studios.Golden Crowned Sparrow

Golden-crowned Sparrow

Steider Studios.Lincoln's Sparrow.Morning at Conboy.9.20.14

Lincoln’s Sparrow

Steider Studios.Lark Sparrow.6.21.14

Lark Sparrow

Steider Studios:  Song Sparrow.9.7.14

Song Sparrow

Steider Studios. Savannah Sparrow

Savannah Sparrow

Steider Studios.Sparrow.Rufous-winged at Conboy 9.20.14

Rufous-winged Sparrow?

Steider. Studios.Rufous-winged Sparrow.9.10.14

Rufous-winged Sparrow?

Steider Studios.Fox Sparrow.2.1.15

Song Sparrow?

Steider Studios.Sparrow at Bingen Marina

Sparrow …

Steider Studios.Sparrow.2.1.15

Sparrow …

Steider Studios.Maybe Song Sparrow.3.28.15

Tree Sparrow?

Steider Studios.  Chickadee on my Glass Birdbath

Chestnut-backed Chickadee

Steider Studios:  Chickadee in Birdhouse

Chestnut-backed Chickadee

Steider Studios:  Chickadees


Chestnut-backed Chickadee

Steider Studios.Mountain Chickadee at Conboy 9.20.14

Mountain Chickadee

Steider Studios.Cedar Waxwing.3.28.15

Cedar Waxwing

Steider Studios.Cedar Waxwings.5.11.15

Pair of Cedar Waxwings

Steider Studios.Bewick's Wren.2.1.15

Bewick’s Wren

Steider Studios.Wren with Worm


Steider Studios.Wren4Artfire

House Wren

Steider Studios.Pine Siskin.3.28.15

Pine Siskin

Steider Studios:  Pine Siskin

Pine Siskin

Steider Studios:  Purple Finch

Purple Finch (I believe)

Steider Studios.Red Finch

House Finch

Steider Studios.Finch.Bingen Marina.9.28.14

House Finch female

Steider Studios.Gray-crowned Rosy Finch

Gray-crowned Rosy Finch

Steider Studios.Crossbill.New Lens

Red Crossbill

Steider Studios.Crossbill at Drinking Fountain.6.11.14

Red Crossbill female


Steider Studios.Western Tanager.5.15.15

Western Tanager

Steider Studios.Western Tanager

Western Tanager female

Steider Studios.Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Steider Studios.Goldfinch

American Goldfinch

Steider Studios.Goldfinch.5.2.14

American Goldfinch

Steider Studios.Goldfinch.Hood River Marina.1.1.15

American Goldfinch female

Steider Studios.Western meadowlark

Western Meadowlark

Steider Studios.Meadowlark.Pippit.Flycatcher?.10.5.14

Western Meadowlark

Steider Studios.Daddy Grosbeak Feeds Baby

Evening Grosbeak parent and juvenile

Steider Studios.Black-throated Gray Warbler.8.27.14

Black-throated Gray Warbler

Steider Studios.Yellow-rumped 'Audubon's' Warbler

Yellow-rumped ‘Audubon’s’ Warbler

Steider Studios.Yellow Warbler.Bingen Pond.9.28.14

Yellow Warbler female

Steider Studios.Common Yellowthroat.5.15.15

Common Yellowthroat

Steider Studios.Kingfisher.1.6.14

Belted Kingfisher

Steider Studios.Kingfisher.Bingen Pond.9.28.14

Belted Kingfisher in flight

Steider Studios.Kingfisher.HRMarina.1.6.15

Belted Kingfisher

Steider Studios.Trout Lake Bird Walk.5.17.15-5

Lazuli Bunting

Steider Studios.Lazuli Bunting.5.3.15

Lazuli Bunting

Steider Studios.Mountain Bluebird at Conboy

Mountain Bluebird

Steider Studios.Mountain Bluebird at Conboy

Mountain Bluebird

Steider Studios.Western Bluebird.Conboy.9.3.14

Western Bluebird

Steider Studios.Western bluebird

Western Bluebird

Steider Studios.Western Bluebird Pair

Western Bluebird in flight

Steider Studios.Scrub Jay.Bingen Marina.1.21.15

Scrub Jay

Scrub Jay at Bingen Marina.

Scrub Jay

PhotoBotos tweaked.Steider Studios.Stellers Jay

Steller’s Jay

Steider Studios.Steller's Jay in Flight.Bingen Pond.9.28.14

Steller’s Jay in flight

Steider Studios.Steller's Jay.Blue Sky.8.27.14

Steller’s Jay

Steider Studios.American Dipper.10.8.14

American Dipper

Steider Studios:  Dipper at Wahclella Falls

American Dipper

Steider Studios.Townsend's Solitaire.2.1.15

Townsend’s Solitaire

Steider Studios.Townsend's Solitaire2

Townsend’s Solitaire


Red-winged Blackbird

Steider Studios:  Red-winged black bird 9.7.14_

Red-winged Blackbird

Steider Studios.Red-winged Blackbird female

Red-winged Blackbird female

Steider Studios:  Brewer's Blackbird 9.7.14

Brewer’s blackbird

Steider Studios:  Brewer's blackbird, female 9.7.14

Brewer’s blackbird female

Steider Studios:  Brewer's Blackbird 9.7.14Brewer’s blackbird in flight

Steider Studios:  Starling


Steider Studios.Black Bird in Nest

Starling in nest

Steider Studios.Baby Starling 6.19.14

Starling chick

Steider Studios.Crow Pair.9.7.14_

Northwest Crow (I believe) pair

Steider Studios.Raven Duo

Raven pair

Steider Studios:  Raven in Flight 7.2.13

Raven in flight

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