Steider Studios.Lost Lake.1.26.15

January has been crazy busy driving up and down the Columbia River chasing Eagles and Herons with an occasional foray to Conboy and Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuges.  Today I drove above the cloud/haze/inversion to grab some vitamin D in the form of SUNSHINE at Lost Lake!

Steider Studios.Otter.Lost Lake.1.26.15-2

What a special surprise to capture this lone Otter fishing.  The lake had a layer of ice, so the Otter had to break through the ice to surface with his prize.  In this photo, you can see chunks of ice near his ‘elbow’ as he munches on his catch.

Steider Studios.Otter.Lost Lake.1.26.15

With each ‘catch’, he climbed onto the ice and ate, then dove back for more.

Steider Studios.Otter.Lost Lake.1.26.15-3

Is this a crawfish he’s eating?  It was so quiet on the lake, he didn’t notice us until we went crashing through the brush, trying to keep up with him as he swam away.

Steider Studios.Forest Experimental Motion Blur

I’m making a big effort to really learn my camera better and use it to its fullest potential.  In that light, I had a little fun with some experimental ‘blurred motion’ shots of the gorgeous surrounding forest before we left.

Steider Studios.Bald Eagle Looking at Me.Balfour.1.20.15

The pictures I haven’t shown you between my last post and this one (because I’ve run from one adventure to the next with no stops between) are on my Facebook Page, ‘Steider Studios’.  I try to post a daily photo of what I am lucky to see here in the Gorge, or regionally on the occasions when I leave my mountain top.

Many more fun events are coming up.

Sunday, Feb 1st is the group ‘bird walk’.  We may go to the Maryhill or Columbia Hills area – let me know if you want to join us & I’ll let you know where & when to meet.

Feb 12 – 15 I’ll be in Klamath Falls for Winter Wings Festival, photographing everything I see while I’m there!

Sunday, March 1st is another group bird walk.

Steider Studios.Sand Hill Crane.Dance.Sauvie.1.23.15

First Friday, March 6th my show, “Fine Feathered Friends” opens at Columbia Arts and runs through March 30th.  Co-curator Robin Panzer and I have put together a fabulous month of events for your enjoyment in addition to 16 artists presenting their artwork!  Many of our artists will demonstrate their process during the month and we’ll have an interactive display on loan from Conboy National Wildlife Refuge.  On Mar 7th come see Raptors, live in the theater at Columbia Arts!  Mar 14 you can paint a birdhouse in the studio.  Mar 21st, enjoy a fashion show of feathery tattoos and a tattoo demonstration.  Mar 28 join us for a short hike up the Hood River stairs into an older neighborhood to see and learn about our resident birds with field biologist, Cathy Flick.

I keep thinking I’ll have plenty of time to tell you everything, but when the sun is out or eagles are flying, or an opportunity for fun presents itself….I’m going out to play!  Maybe I’ll see you out there!!


Frozen Waterfalls

January 4, 2015

Steider Studios.Multnomah Falls.Frozen.1.2.15

A long-time friend and I decided to take the scenic route into Portland on Friday for our ‘Girls Day Lunch Adventure’ and we were rewarded with a magical winter wonderland.

Steider Studios.Horsetail Falls 1.2.15

Our first stop was Horsetail Falls and it was spectacular.  The walkway was very icy but worth the risk of slipping to see the sparkly ice up close.

Steider Studios.Horsetail Falls.Side.1.2.15

Icicles hung off all the cliffs and each of the big iconic waterfalls along the old highway majestically roared against icy canyon walls.

Steider Studios.Multnomah Falls.Side.1.2.15

Our next stop was Multnomah Falls and it was stuffed with photographers.  We bundled up and walked up to the bridge but did not hike any of the trails beyond.

Steider Studios.Multnomah Falls.Top Half.1.2.15

It was more of a fun girlfriend day out filled with laughter and memories along with a little awe, rather than a photographer’s holiday.  No tripod, no hiking boots, no rain gear just my camera and a semi-steady hand.

Steider Studios.LaTourell Falls.1.2.15

Our last stop was Latourell Falls and again we were mesmerized by sparkly white ice, the roar and majesty of these frozen waterfalls.

Steider Studios.LaTourell Falls.Bottom.1.2.15

For scale, the red splash in the lower left corner in the photo above is another photographer who braved the icy trail.

Steider Studios.Near Horsetail Falls.1.2.15

We finished our drive through the Columbia River Gorge and had a lovely lunch in Troutdale, then decided we’ll have to make this outing a regular occurrence!



New Year’s Day 2015

January 3, 2015

Steider Studios.Juvenile Bald Eagle in flight.Lyle Point.1.1.15

As in years past I took a New Year’s Day hike to enjoy nature & see what interesting critters I could find outside, in spite of the cold 13º when I left the house.

Steider Studios.Bingen Pond

It was a gorgeous sunny clear day and a friend was willing to brave the cold with me.  We started at Bingen Marina, looking for swans at the Pond.

Steider Studios.Quail at Bingen Marina

There wasn’t a swan in site, but we found a flurry of activity from Quails scavenging for food under the fallen leaves near the picnic tables.

Steider Studios.Quail Group at Bingen Marina

Usually they manage to hide in brush before I can grab my camera so I was happy to catch them. I should’ve counted, but I think there were at least a dozen!

Steider Studios.Lewis's Woodpecker at Rowland Lake.1.1.15

We made a quick stop at Rowland Lake where we watched two pair of Lewis’s Woodpeckers.

Steider Studios.Lewis's Woodpecker.Rowland Lake.1.1.15

I love these gorgeous birds and am always thrilled to see them.  Other than the woodpeckers, it was fairly quiet at the lake.

Steider Studios.Merganser.Across From.Rowland Lake.1.1.15

A couple dozen waterfowl swam on the south side of Rowland Lake.  Until they heard my car stop.

Steider Studios.Juvenile Bald Eagle in tree.Lyle Point.1.1.15

This time of year, the main event is Bald Eagles!  This juvenile was pretty close to the road, but camouflaged by all the branches.

Steider Studios.Juvenile Bald Eagle eating.Lyle Point.1.1.15

No wonder he stayed and let me photograph, he didn’t want to leave his breakfast!

Steider Studios.Bald Eagle Juvenile.1.1.15

Another Bald Eagle juvenile near the beach let me get pretty close.  He seemed just as curious about me as I was about him.

Steider Studios.Trio of Bald Eagles.Balfour.1.1.15

Balfour was our next stop as that’s where many Eagles congregate.  I counted close to two dozen eagles, mostly soaring high overhead.  It’s difficult to get close enough for great photography at Balfour.

Steider Studios.Juvenile Bald Eagle.Balfour.1.1.15

This juvenile at was pretty close to the hiking path and I love the contrast of blue sky.

Steider Studios.Acorn Woodpecker.Balfour.1.1.15

My biggest surprise at Balfour was finding my first Acorn Woodpecker. I sure hope he’s still there when I return so I can get a better picture.  He was so fast, I just took what I could get of him!

Steider Studios.Goldfinch.Hood River Marina.1.1.15

Our last stop of the day was the Hood River Marina where a flock of sweet little Goldfinches were lunching on a tree by the river.

Steider Studios.Heron.HRMarina.1.1.15

Our last bird of the day, was a Great Blue Heron who let us take his portrait.  We crept as close as we dared, then left him in peace.

Happy New Year everyone!  I think my goal for this year is to inspire you to get out and enjoy nature more!!  xoxoxo

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