An assortment of jewelry including barrettes, bracelets, earrings, pendants and ponytail holders

I make jewelry in sets and in series.  If you go back to my earring posts, here or here or here you can see how I can never make just one of anything.  Each post is a great description of working in series.

Steider Studios Sparkle Set 2010

When I make sets, I might be experimenting with line, color or shape and want to see how the design plays out in a pendant, bracelet, or earrings, and sometimes a barrette or ponytail holder.

As I add jewelry to my on-line Zibbet shop, I hope you’ll find something to purchase for your own pleasure and adornment, or the perfect gift for a loved one!

You can find “Barrettes-Adornment-for-Your-Hair” here.

Steider Studios Group of bracelets ©2010

…and I have a few bracelets in this section: “Bracelets-Adornment-for-Your-Wrist” .

A small sampling of kiln-formed art glass earrings by Steider Studios ©2010

Steider Studios Earring Group ©2010

Earrings are continually added to my shop.  Here’s a link. Tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll work with you to bring your idea into a personal and wearable statement.

Kiln-Formed Art Glass Pendants made by Steider Studios ©2010

Pendants: As you can see I have a lot more to add to my shop.  Eventually I’ll have them all listed, but until then if you see anything you like, please send me a message via the “Leave a Comment” section below or to linda at steiderstudios dot com and we’ll talk.

3 Responses to “Jewelry for Personal Adornment”

  1. coral Says:

    Linda I don’t see the earrings I ordered from you last year…they were $18.00 per pair. Would like to order a couple this year with
    fused glass rainbow star….qty 3 $8.00ea….
    ” ” snowflake ….. qty 3 $8.00ea… gold
    thank you, coral..let me know the prices and I’ll mail check as soon as you let me know


  2. Thanks Coral, I’ll send you an email.


  3. coral Says:

    was the snowflake a rainbow one…can’t remember if so I like that one..coral


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