An assortment of landscape and wildlife photos, I’ll be adding additional pages of birds, sunsets and more.  Please stay in touch as I continue to add images.  They are all available as greeting cards (all occasion), prints on paper, metal or canvas. For purchasing information, go to steiderstudios.com or send an email to me at steiderstudiosart at gmail dot com.

Steider Studios.Sand Hill Crane.Dance.Sauvie.1.23.15

Steider Studios:  Sand Hill Crane Dance on Sauvie Island

Steider Studios:  Sunrise Silhouette

Steider Studios:  Misty Sunrise at Conboy National Wildlife Refuge.

Steider Studios:  Sunset Sky.2.28.14

Steider Studios:  Sunset Columbia River Gorge  2.28.14

Steider Studios.Bald Eagle Looking at Me.Balfour.1.20.15

Steider Studios:  Mature Bald Eagle Looks at Me.

Steider Studios:  Eagle in Flight.12.29.13

Steider Studios:  Eagle in Flight over Columbia River

Steider Studios.Fall at Lost Lake.11.10.14

Steider Studios:  Fall at Lost Lake

Steider Studios.White Crowned Sparrow.11.2.14

Steider Studios:  White Crowned Sparrow.11.2.14

Steider Studios.Goldfinch.Hood River Marina.1.1.15

Steider Studios:  Goldfinch at Hood River Marina.  1.1.15

Steider Studios.Sunrise.11.2.14

Steider Studios:  Sunrise on Burdoin Mountain.  11.2.14

Steider Studios:  Red Sky Sunset

Steider Studios:  Fiery Sunset

Steider Studios.Dragonfly on Reed Flower

Steider Studios:  Dragonfly on Reed Flower

Steider Studios:  Swallowtail on Wild Lily

Steider Studios:  Swallowtail on Wild Lily

Steider Studios:  Baby Buck at Conboy 2014Steider Studios:  Baby Buck at Conboy 2014

Steider Studios.Otter.Lost Lake.1.26.15Steider Studios:  Otter on Ice at Lost Lake  1.26.15

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